Oaxaca Perfume
Oaxaca Perfume
Oaxaca Perfume
Oaxaca Perfume

Oaxaca Perfume

de Kloka
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OAXACA Batch 002 botanical perfume is a rich, narcotic, smoky and edible perfume that is built on a smoky, leathery, coumarin-rich, vanillin base of rectified pine tar (smoke), labdanum (leather notes), tonka bean and tobacco (coumarin and vanilla notes), Peru balsam and benzoin resin (vanilla notes). The heart is dark with bitter cocoa, spicy from allspice, and sticky floral from luxurious beeswax, jasmine grandiflorum, and tuberose absolutes. The top note ingredients that lift this deep rich potion are suedey saffron, rooty/camphorous galangal, dry and woody blood cedarwood, and sacred, resinous palo santo fruit.

The precious ingredients for OAXACA Batch 002 were blended under the luminous red glow of a full moon eclipse in Scorpio on April 5, 2023. Two months later, over the course of a few days, beginning under the Gemini waning crescent moon, a flower day in the Biodynamic calendar, and leading into the fecund, manifest-rich New Moon in Cancer, I filtered and bottled it.

OAXACA was originally inspired by my experiences of the mezcal, people, and culture of the Mexican state of Oaxaca. For three years I worked for an importer of artisanal Oaxacan mezcal and had the joy of traveling there to meet with the mezcaleros (makers of mezcal) and visit their palenques (open-air village distilleries). I worked closely with Asís Cortés, a 5th generation mezcalero of Mexcal Dixeebe and a portion of the proceeds from the sales of OAXACA perfume is donated to his non-profit that supports the people of Oaxaca.


Jackie began her blending practice in the world of mixology after graduating with a degree in fine art from the San Francisco Art Institute. She garnered acclaim around the world with original, award-winning cocktails. It was the chance purchase of a perfumer’s memoir from a small bookstore in Paris in 2012 that changed the trajectory of her career towards the ancient art of perfumery. Jackie found that the languages of mixology and perfumery were not-so-distant cousins, and her knack for creating delicious cocktails translated well into perfume making. She has studied with master natural perfumer, Mandy Aftel since 2013. Each perfume of de Kloka is hand-blended and bottled with care by Jackie in Northern California.