Single Origin Green Cardamom
Single Origin Green Cardamom

Single Origin Green Cardamom

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This luscious single origin green cardamom is sustainably grown from an indigenous variety that is delightfully floral and creamy. Sourcery's palakudi cardamom is sourced from a family farm in the lush cardamom hills of Kerala. Their farm partners — Sunny, Rosamma and their 3 daughters live in their ancestral home built on the farm where they grow chemical-free cardamom, pepper, tea and vegetables. A great addition to baked goods, cakes and pastries. Flavor your chai, coffee, hot chocolate and cocktails.

2.5 oz glass jar

Sourcery is building an equitable supply chain that celebrates the rich diversity of spices from South Asia. All of their spices are sold immediately post harvest, sometimes as fresh as 2 weeks! Because Freshness = Flavor. We source our spices directly from regenerative farms which means more $ go directly to support the communities that grow the spices.