Basil Syrup
Basil Syrup

Basil Syrup

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This basil syrup is a refreshing concentrate that has a fresh taste that harmonizes beautifully with a slight peppery smell.

It's ideal in your iced tea or lemonade recipes. It can also be used in your favorite cocktails or mocktails.

Ingredients: organic pure cane sugar, water, natural basil flavor, acidifier: citric acid. No dyes or preservatives.

Founded in 2013, Bacanha was born and developed in Paris. By adopting unique manufacturing processes, they are reinventing syrup. The work and know-how of their teams combined with unlimited passion and creativity allows them to offer exceptional drinks. Their main commitment is to the excellence of their products: they select quality ingredients that offer real taste signatures. The name Bacanha means beautiful and good in Brazil, a reference to the source of their main ingredient, sugar.