Aphrodite Herbal Tonic
Aphrodite Herbal Tonic

Aphrodite Herbal Tonic

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 The Greek Goddess of Love & Passion. A ceremonial cacao to awaken desire. 

Boosted with Adaptogens (Ashwagandha, Maca, Chaga mushroom), Moroccan Rose, and Bourbon Vanilla. This powder can be whisked into hot milk for an instant Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate - a cup of Cacao. It can be stirred into ice cream, yoghurt, baking, smoothies, oats, or rice pudding… 

Founded by Sophia Harding, Palm of Feronia was brought together through a passion for clean, organic, and earth-derived ingredients with a proven history of positive effects for not only the skin, but emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.