Slumber Tincture
Slumber Tincture

Slumber Tincture

Fat Of The Land
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Ground into your natural rhythm. Inspired by calming waters, this unique blend of steam-extracted hydrosol and liquid-based extracts is made to gently rock you to sleep. Infused with earthy aromatic allies, like hops and valerian, nerve nourishing skullcap, and california poppy to promote a deeper slumber. Cozy up and dream easy; supports the nervous system and deep rest. Harmonize with the tides and rock yourself to sleep.

​Ingredients: cane spirits, mountain spring water, skullcap extract, hops flower extract, california poppy extract, valerian flower extract, valerian root hydrosol

Use: Take 2 ml nightly. Enjoy neat or add to beverage of choice 15 minutes before bed.

​Fat Of The Land creates herbalist-formulated, seasonally-inspired provisions to support our bodies, our ecosystems, and our communities. They believe everyday healing can and should be pleasurable. Seasonal, small-batch, and fully natural. Grown and gathered in the mountains, forests, and waterways of New York’s Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains.