Oakmoss + Sage Candle
Oakmoss + Sage Candle

Oakmoss + Sage Candle

East York Street
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This scent is earthy and musky, which you'll smell immediately when you open the jar. Candles have what is called a "hot throw," which refers to the scent of the candle when it's actually burning. The hot throw of this candle is more subtle than the initial sniff would lead you to believe, and it fills the room in a lovely way. It's noticeable without being overbearing, yet remains fairly complex. It's the kind of scent that people will walk into the room and say, "Ooh, what is that? It smells so nice, but I can't place it."

Top notes || oak moss + amber
Middle notes || vetiver, dark musk, cedar
Base notes || rosemary + sage

handmade | soy wax | toxin-free 

16 oz.

Handmade in small batches by Hannah in Chicago, IL. East York Street is named for the street where her grandparents lived. Each scent is meant to be come the centerpiece of an atmosphere.  They all are accompanied with a music playlist and literary musings - making each special scent a full sensory experience.