Mochi Incense
Mochi Incense
Mochi Incense

Mochi Incense

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Part of Blackbird's Precious Flowers Incense Series, Mochi is tuberose and oud to the extreme.

Hot pink 2000's rave incense. Candy-sweet flowers dancing in a repetitive flutter layered over a heavy, dank oud bass. A non-stop 24-hour flower-induced dance party. 

SCENT NOTES: tuberose, oud/agarwood, jasmine, ylang-ylang, bubble gum

Made from natural bamboo charcoal + tuberose absolute and essential oils
20+ cones per tin, burn time is approximately 20 mins.
Scent lasts 6-24 hours in a medium size room.
Lid may act as a burner.
Reusable, recyclable packaging.

Handmade in Seattle.