La Résistance, Immunity Tincture
La Résistance, Immunity Tincture

La Résistance, Immunity Tincture

Fat Of The Land
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Be like the roots, strong, resilient, and persistent. This blend is a call to action, rich with roots and mushrooms to shield your body and support it’s defenses. Earthy and umami flavors, made with adaptogenic herbs with a touch of licorice to harmonize, and extracted in organic cane spirits. Support and stimulate your immune system, made for the now and when you need it most. Know that like the plants, you are powerful.

Ingredients: cane spirits, mountain spring water, reishi mushroom extract, astragalus root extract, eleuthero root extract, licorice root extract

Use: Take 2 ml, 1-3 times daily. Enjoy neat or add to beverage of choice.

​Fat Of The Land creates herbalist-formulated, seasonally-inspired provisions to support our bodies, our ecosystems, and our communities. They believe everyday healing can and should be pleasurable. Seasonal, small-batch, and fully natural. Grown and gathered in the mountains, forests, and waterways of New York’s Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains.