Enigma, Volume Two

Enigma, Volume Two

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Likewise; To agree upon or feel a concept similarly and conciscely.

Likewise;  To imagine we are the same.

Like-wise; while the world burns around us, be Wise.

Likewise, Volume Two of Enigma, explores these concepts, while emphasizing through beautiful imagery the alike patterns of human anatomy and nature. It addresses the human condition, sustainable soltions, while brushing up against some of the pressing and damaging patterns of our social construct and the ultimate dilemma of being human in todays world. 

Enigma is an annual publication of carefully curated photography, science, sustainable architecture, culture, interviews, poetry, and articles from intentional individuals and artists around the world. Founded and created on Vancouver Island in 2020 by Kelly-Casey Lovett, its intention is to pose inspiration, expansion, curiosity, unity, hope, and emotion, while highlighting the polarities of our most primeval selves, and with that, the primal identity crisis of being human in today's world. Volume one of Enigma sold out in every continent of the world in less than three months which set a healthy foundation and the fundamental pillars for Lovett to continue Enigma and her vision with persistence and continued gratitude for the inspirational voices and individuals that have been involved.