Suisai 4 Earrings
Suisai 4 Earrings

Suisai 4 Earrings

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Suisai Collection, capturing the essence of watercolor. Handmade with Japanese glass delica seed beads and gold plated metal components.

Measures approximately 4 inches in length and .75 inch in width.

"I like to say that "I create to create" and have always enjoyed making things with my hands. I love experimenting with different mediums and continue to be drawn towards wearable and useful art. Right now my focus is on beaded jewelry. It thrills me to push the boundaries with beads, to utilize them in various ways and still be able to produce something that is still aesthetically pleasing and functional. As I evolve so do my pieces and so the majority of what I make have subtle differences in design. Working with beads is a slow process that requires attention and being present. While some may find this tedious, I find it to be meditative. Art is a considerable part of who I am and beading fills that creative need for me." Nancy of Blackbirddagger