Brass Bottle Opener
Brass Bottle Opener
Brass Bottle Opener

Brass Bottle Opener

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Nousaku’s craftsmen in Toyama, Japan, meticulously hand-make each and every item in this collection of brass objects designed in the clean, minimalist style of designer Taku Shinomoto.

The S/N collection is a line of brass products combining the superior craftsmanship of renowned tin, bronze, and brass casting company Nousaku with the clean, simple style of designer Taku Shinomoto. Any piece in the collection is sure to complement modern tastes and has a patina that increases in character over time.

 3.38" wide x 1.63" deep x .38" tall - Solid Brass

Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture has a 400-year history of metal casting. Utilizing casting techniques handed down from generation to generation, Nousaku was established in 1916 primarily as a producer of Buddhist altar equipment, tea utensils, and flower vases. In recent years, the company has turned its focus to tableware, interior goods, and lighting fixtures, breaking the mold of a traditional industry by making products to complement modern lifestyles.