Alentejo Canyon Coffee
Alentejo Canyon Coffee
Alentejo Canyon Coffee

Alentejo Canyon Coffee

Canyon Coffee
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Espresso-like coffee on the frontier of sustainability. Canyon's darkest roast, The Alentejo  is a California take on an Italian-style classic. Inspired by Canyon Coffee's travels, this Certified Regenerative Organic coffee is available year-round.

Origin: Nicaragua
Region: Sacacli, San Rafael del Norte
Producer: SACACLI
Process: Washed
Certification: Regenerative Organic Certified, USDA Organic
We Taste: Caramel, milk chocolate, & orange peel

12 oz

Canyon is inspired by savoring life’s details through the coffee we drink daily — made with exclusively single origin and certified organic beans, all roasted in Los Angeles. Deliciously smooth, perfectly balanced, and purposefully versatile; for brewing whichever way you like, whenever you want it.