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Wind Chime
Wind Chime

Wind Chime

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Simple, elegant brass wind chime from Nousaku. When used to craft instruments, brass is known to produce clear and beautiful tones.

The bell itself is about 5" long, about 13" long overall 

The maker of this wind chime was founded in 1609 in Takaoka City, in the Toyama Prefecture, which has flourished as a center for the metal industry in Japan for over 400 years. In 1916, the company began to manufacture Buddhist altar fittings, tea sets, and flower vases. The simple design and appearance of these items belies a complex and lengthy manufacturing process. Such an elegant design is only possible because of the advanced casting and refined finishing techniques of the company’s master craftsmen. Both traditional techniques and modern innovations are used, and constantly enhanced, to ensure a superb finish every time.