Snake Block
Snake Block
Snake Block
Snake Block

Snake Block

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Twist and turn colorful beech blocks to create serpentine shapes and geometric patterns. Areaware's Snake Blocks are composed of 24 or 48 wooden triangles with an elastic band throughout.

The Designer, Clara von Zweigbergk, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She has worked as a graphic designer with advertising agencies and designers in Stockholm, Los Angeles and Milano. She currently pursues her great interest in paper, color, typography and form through projects ranging from corporate identities, photographic art direction, packaging and a growing series of products.

Small: 24 wooden triangles, 12.25" x .7" x .48" in

Medium: 24 wooden triangles, 18.7" x 1" x .7 in"

Super: 48 wooden triangles, 24.5" x .7" x .48" in