Mystic Candle
Mystic Candle

Mystic Candle

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A globe-trotting, potent, clean-burning candle in Sounds' signature Mystic scent.

Smoldering palo santo, crisp lavender, and earthy vetiver mingle to permeate any space with a sense of wonder.

Crafted using only pure essential oils and natural soy wax.

Poured with love in small batches in Richmond, Virginia.

7 oz. / Approximately 42-hour burn time.

Recyclable packaging. 

When the 42-hour burn time is up, clean out the candle glass, remove the sticker, and enjoy the vessel as a cocktail glass, pen holder, or whatever you’d like.

Based in New York, Sounds is an ever-evolving design studio focused on the creation of thoughtfully produced and meticulously crafted goods for life, work, and home. They are guided by two simple objectives: to support domestic suppliers and makers, and to make every customer feel good about what they buy, put in their body, and bring into their personal environment. Across everything they do, Sounds applies the uncanny power of good design to inspire consideration for the people and planet.