Ceramic Vessel
Ceramic Vessel
Ceramic Vessel

Ceramic Vessel

Dara Schuman
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Mesmerizing shapes by Dara Schuman. Vessel 1 is a light speckled brown stoneware with a white glaze. Vessel 2 is a medium brown stoneware with a milky, satin taupe glaze.

Vessel 1 is approximately 13.75" tall x 2.5" at the widest part
Vessel 2 is approximately 12" tall x 3" at the widest part

Dara Schuman is a ceramicist based in Chicago, IL. She first discovered clay in a high school art class, and fell in love with the medium. She is now working full time out of The Digs Chicago, an artist run studio collective that houses ceramicists and other artists. Dara’s main focus is creating highly detailed, fine artwork. Her pieces usually embody the form of a wheel thrown vessel with carefully constructed and attached details. These details include delicate flowers, jutting columns and tapered tiers. She continues to explore new creative avenues while expanding upon existing series.